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Emphatically so. This idiom is an interjection used to stress agreement, as in Did you enjoy the play?—And how! it was wonderful. It probably originated as a direct translation of the German Und wie! [1920s]

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What does and how! mean?

And how! is an interjection that is used to mean something is certainly the case or is emphatically correct, as in Did I like the movie? And how! It was the best movie ever! 

And how! is used in the same way as other interjections that express agreement, such as You bet! or For sure

You can also use And how! to express agreement with something bad or to support a negative sentiment, as in That was the worst cake I have ever eaten. And how!

And how! can also interrupt or be added onto a sentence for emphasis, as in The kids really enjoyed Disneyland, and how!

Example: I love going on hiking trips. And how!

Where does and how! come from?

The first records of and how! come from the 1920s. It seems to be a direct translation of the German Und wie!, which expresses the same emotion.

And how! is most commonly used in informal speech. It is much more likely to appear in a social media post or a relaxed conversation than in formal writing.

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How is and how! used in real life?

And how! is used for emphasis or to show agreement with something.

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And how! is used to express disagreement with something someone has said.

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