[ eyn-juhl-fish ]
/ 藞e瑟n d蕭蓹l藢f瑟蕛 /
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noun, plural (especially collectively) an路gel路fish, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) an路gel路fish路es.
a South American freshwater fish, genus Pterophyllum, often kept in aquariums.Compare scalare.
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Origin of angelfish

First recorded in 1660鈥70; angel + fish
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British Dictionary definitions for angelfish

/ (藞e瑟nd蕭蓹l藢f瑟蕛) /

noun plural -fish or -fishes
any of various small tropical marine percoid fishes of the genus Pomacanthus and related genera, which have a deep flattened brightly coloured body and brushlike teeth: family ChaetodontidaeSee also butterflyfish
Also called: scalare a South American cichlid, Pterophyllum scalare, of the Amazon region, having a compressed body and large dorsal and anal fins: a popular aquarium fish
another name for angel shark
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