[ uh-non-uh-muhs-lee ]


  1. without giving a name:

    If you wish to write your story from a man's point of view, either using your name or anonymously, I will post it for you.

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Example Sentences

That might sound like a privacy invasion, but they figured out how to track encounters between people in a way that’s anonymous — and doesn’t store your location — by using the Bluetooth wireless technology in phones.

Anonymous donor meant that the patient would not know the donor’s identity, he would be anonymous to her.

“Had it not been for this anonymous letter, it would have most likely just been swept under the rug,” she said.

Among the GDPR’s key provisions, companies are required to receive consent before gathering consumer data, and collected data must be made anonymous.

From Digiday

One of the pages that made a sponsored Dunkin’ post was Sonny5ideUp, which is run by an anonymous, legendary artist who goes by Sonny.

From Vox

Relays are special computers that Tor uses to anonymously transmit traffic across the Internet.

They work anonymously and there is nobility in what they do.

Onion routers refers to the TOR network, a system that allows users to mask their location and communicate anonymously online.

And America: A 7-foot weirdo, with long hair, can walk around anonymously in New York.

Industry players say, (anonymously, of course), that the opposite is true.

The ballad had an enormous circulation and reputation, but, being issued anonymously, brought little renown to its author.

Ordinarily I should feel ashamed to have correspondence so personal go before the world, even anonymously.

Pp. 7, 30, 38, contain articles written and contributed anonymously by Whitman to various New York papers.

The first three articles were written by Whitman during 1855-56 and sent to the newspapers anonymously.

They knew a few men and women of good birth and no money who lived by writing anonymously for the newspapers.