[uh-non-uh-muh s]


without any name acknowledged, as that of author, contributor, or the like: an anonymous letter to the editor; an anonymous donation.
of unknown name; whose name is withheld: an anonymous author.
lacking individuality, unique character, or distinction: an endless row of drab, anonymous houses.

Origin of anonymous

1595–1605; < Latin anōnymus < Greek anṓnymos, equivalent to an- an-1 + -ōnym(a) (variant of ónyma) -onym (earlier (a)n- with vowel lengthening; cf. anopheles) + -os adj. suffix; see -ous
Related formsa·non·y·mous·ness, nouna·non·y·mous·ly, adverbnon·a·non·y·mous·ness, noun
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Historical Examples of anonymously

  • The author of this letter has, at my request, authorized me to publish it anonymously.

  • Besides, I can send back everything in the morning, anonymously, by parcel-post.


    Louis Joseph Vance

  • I sent it anonymously to a magazine, and how the editor abused it and the sender!

  • It is to provide a way, by which teachers and pupils may write, anonymously, for the school.

    The Teacher

    Jacob Abbott

  • He will produce it anonymously by preference, but as I choose.

    Despair's Last Journey

    David Christie Murray

British Dictionary definitions for anonymously



from or by a person, author, etc, whose name is unknown or withheldan anonymous letter
having no known name
lacking individual characteristics; unexceptional
(often capital) denoting an organization which provides help to applicants who remain anonymousAlcoholics Anonymous
Derived Formsanonymity (ˌænəˈnɪmɪtɪ), nounanonymously, adverbanonymousness, noun

Word Origin for anonymous

C17: via Late Latin from Greek anōnumos, from an- + onoma name
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Word Origin and History for anonymously

1728, from anonymous + -ly (2).



c.1600, from Late Latin anonymus, from Greek anonymos "without a name," from an- "without" (see an- (1)) + onyma, Æolic dialectal form of onoma "name" (see name (n.)).

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