[ an-tee-grav-i-tee, an-tahy- ]


  1. Physics. the antithesis of gravity; a hypothetical force by which a body of positive mass would repel a body of negative mass.
  2. (not in technical use) a controllable force that can be made to act against the force of gravity.


  1. (not in technical use) counteracting the force of gravity:

    The antigravity drive in this spaceship will enable us to reach Polaris.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of antigravity1

First recorded in 1940–45; anti- + gravity
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Example Sentences

During the spring of her freshman year, the trainers thought she’d sustained a tendon injury and insisted she try running on an antigravity treadmill.

A leisurely spacewalk followed by a workout in an antigravity gym sounds ideal.

Frese said rehab has gone well and that Reese has begun light running on an antigravity treadmill.

It's supposed to have antigravity powers, too, like whatever it was that took Superior up in the first place.

A rocket works against gravity, but they don't call that antigravity, do they?

I almost got sick—so close to it I started telling myself it must be something antigravity did to your stomach.

But just then the plane took a sickening bounce, as if its antigravity had only started to operate within yards of the ground.

Like the radar he made out of a TV set and the antigravity and the atomic power plant he invented to run it all with.





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