[ ant-lee-uh ]
/ ˈænt li ə /
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noun, genitive Ant·li·ae [ant-lee-ee] /ˈænt liˌi/ for 1, plural Ant·li·ae [ant-lee-ee] /ˈænt liˌi/ for 2.

Astronomy. the Air Pump, a small southern constellation between Vela and Hydra.
(lowercase)Entomology. the proboscis of a lepidopterous insect.



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Origin of Antlia

<Latin antlia pump, machine for drawing water <Greek antlía bilgewater, a ship's hold, equivalent to ántl(os) the hold (of a ship), bilge water + -ia-ia
ant·li·ate [ant-lee-eyt], /ˈænt liˌeɪt/, adjective
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  • The mouth of the butterfly is called by most entomologists antlia; that of the aphis a promuscis; that of the flea a rostrulum.

  • A still more extraordinary instance of irritability is exhibited by the antlia, or instrument of suction of the butterfly.

British Dictionary definitions for Antlia

/ (ˈæntlɪə) /

noun Latin genitive Antliae (ˈæntlɪˌiː)

a faint constellation in the S hemisphere close to Hydra and Vela
C19: from Latin, from Greek: bucket
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