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[ ant-see ]


, Informal.
, ants·i·er, ants·i·est.
  1. unable to sit or stand still; fidgety:

    The children were bored and antsy.

  2. apprehensive, uneasy, or nervous:

    I'm a little antsy since hearing those storm warnings.


/ ˈæntsɪ /


  1. informal.
    restless, nervous, and impatient

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Other Words From

  • antsi·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of antsy1

1950–55; ant + -s 3 + -y 1; -sy

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Example Sentences

The pandemic had made them antsy to be social again, but the idea of a dance was inconceivable a year before.

From Vox

I was starting to get a little antsy, and with all the other routes full, I decided to ask some of the climbers on the wall if I could climb behind them rather than wait for them to top out.

While I think many of us are getting antsy and want to get out and about, I think our relationship with the home has changed.

From Digiday

Even when she vowed to take a month or two off from traveling, she’d get antsy and book a last-minute getaway.

From Time

As an adult, well, it meant those same things, plus driving from one relative’s house to another, with two antsy little boys in the back seat.

But the polls tightened up, and people started getting a little antsy.

All antsy-ness dissipated when Kristian Nairn, a.k.a. Hodor, lumbered onstage.

Handlers bring the puppies down in waves to prevent them from getting too tired, freaked out, or antsy while filming.

Unable to see the statue up close, as planned, the students are already antsy—running around the fountain behind us.

But following her second year, she says she “got antsy” and was ready to move on from classrooms and into audition rooms.

Give the suits something to occupy themselves with—otherwise they get antsy and stir up trouble.

"Tell the truth, I'm sort of antsy to get back," Joe Kivelson said.


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