[ an-vil ]
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  1. a heavy iron block with a smooth face, frequently of steel, on which metals, usually heated until soft, are hammered into desired shapes.

  2. anything having a similar form or use.

  1. the fixed jaw in certain measuring instruments.

  2. Also called anvil cloud, anvil top .Meteorology. incus (def. 2).

  3. a musical percussion instrument having steel bars that are struck with a wooden or metal beater.

  4. Anatomy. incus (def. 1).

Origin of anvil

before 900; Middle English anvelt, anfelt,Old English anfilt(e), anfealt; cognate with Middle Dutch anvilte,Old High German anafalz.See on, felt2

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/ (ˈænvɪl) /

  1. a heavy iron or steel block on which metals are hammered during forging

  2. any part having a similar shape or function, such as the lower part of a telegraph key

  1. the fixed jaw of a measurement device against which the piece to be measured is held

  2. anatomy the nontechnical name for incus

Origin of anvil

Old English anfealt; related to Old High German anafalz, Middle Dutch anvilte; see on, felt ²

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