[ ap-uh-krin, -krahyn, -kreen ]

  1. of or relating to certain glands whose secretions are acted upon by bacteria to produce the characteristic odor of perspiration (distinguished from eccrine).

  2. of or relating to such secretions: apocrine sweat.

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Origin of apocrine

1925–30; <Greek apokrī́nein to set apart, equivalent to apo-apo- + krī́nein to separate, choose; formed as if with -ine1, probably on the model of endocrine

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/ (ˈæpəkraɪn, -krɪn) /

  1. denoting a type of glandular secretion in which part of the secreting cell is lost with the secretion, as in mammary glands: Compare merocrine, holocrine

Origin of apocrine

C20: from apo- + -crine, from Greek krinein to separate

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