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adjective Also ap·o·plec·ti·cal.
  1. of or relating to apoplexy or stroke.
  2. having or inclined to apoplexy.
  3. intense enough to threaten or cause apoplexy: an apoplectic rage.
  4. extremely angry; furious: He became apoplectic at the mere mention of the subject.
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  1. a person having or predisposed to apoplexy.
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Origin of apoplectic

1605–15; < Late Latin apoplēcticus < Greek apoplēktikós pertaining to a (paralytic) stroke, equivalent to apóplēkt(os) struck down (verbid of apoplḗssein) + -ikos -ic
Related formsap·o·plec·ti·cal·ly, adverbpost·ap·o·plec·tic, adjectivepseu·do·ap·o·plec·tic, adjectivepseu·do·ap·o·plec·ti·cal, adjectivepseu·do·ap·o·plec·ti·cal·ly, adverb
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Historical Examples of apoplectically

  • The Elector's face was apoplectically purple from rage and haste, his breath came in wheezing gasps.

    The Historical Nights Entertainment, Second Series

    Rafael Sabatini

  • His face was so apoplectically purple that the bruises on his patched-up countenance were subdued somewhat by lack of contrast.

British Dictionary definitions for apoplectically


  1. of or relating to apoplexy
  2. informal furious
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  1. a person having apoplexy
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Derived Formsapoplectically, adverb
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Word Origin and History for apoplectically



1610s, "involving apoplexy," from French apoplectique (16c.), from Latin apoplecticus, from Greek apoplektikos "disabled by a stroke, crippled, struck dumb," from apoplektos, verbal adjective of apoplessein (see apoplexy). Meaning "showing symptoms of apoplexy" (1721) gradually shaded into "enraged, very angry."

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apoplectically in Medicine


  1. Relating to, having, or predisposed to apoplexy.
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Related formsap′o•plecti•cal•ly adv.
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