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[ lahyf-lis ]


  1. not endowed with life; having no life; inanimate:

    lifeless matter.

    Synonyms: inorganic

    Antonyms: living

  2. destitute of living things:

    a lifeless planet.

  3. deprived of life; dead:

    a battlefield strewn with lifeless bodies.

    Synonyms: defunct

    Antonyms: living

  4. without animation, liveliness, or spirit; dull; colorless; torpid:

    a lifeless performance of a play.

    Synonyms: spiritless, sluggish, passive, inert, inactive

    Antonyms: lively

  5. insensible, as a person who has fainted.


/ ˈlaɪflɪs /


  1. without life; inanimate; dead
  2. not sustaining living organisms
  3. having no vitality or animation
  4. unconscious

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Derived Forms

  • ˈlifelessness, noun
  • ˈlifelessly, adverb

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Other Words From

  • lifeless·ly adverb
  • lifeless·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of lifeless1

before 1000; Middle English lifles, Old English līflēas. See life, -less

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Synonym Study

See dead.

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Example Sentences

For now, spend a few minutes basking in the weird dance moves of these lovable, lifeless robots, and consider how far this kind of bot has come over the years.

A naked child curled up on the ground, abandoned, almost lifeless, has a chain at his navel, a symbol of a grave and painful bond with the mother who left him.

From Ozy

A garden overstuffed with conifers seems to me to be static and lifeless, ironically, and the surfeit of pointed shapes against the sky is unsettling in some indefinable way.

Pros know that taking your backyard from dull and lifeless to magical is largely a matter of creative lighting.

From Fortune

A grieving Lopez Boada wears a medical mask as she cradles Pavón’s seemingly lifeless body in “Pieta,” one of several riffs on Christian accounts of the crucifixion and resurrection.

As a person in Iraq, you learn from an early age how to become “lifeless” – absolutely numb with no feelings whatsoever.

As if, after all the above, one would want anything that reeked of lifeless imitation.

At the edge of an already excavated grave a single bullet was fired into the back of her head and she fell lifeless into the hole.

In that image too, a young boy stands only feet from a lifeless corpse bound to a cross and publicly displayed.

But Madiba himself strongly resisted such a lifeless portrait.

"Looks like some wild beast had attacked him," muttered the old man, in awed tones, as he bent over the lifeless body.

The condemned gathered sadly around the remains of their lifeless companion.

The ax was to sever the head from the lifeless body, and all the headless trunks were to be interred together.

The point pierced his heart, and he fell lifeless upon the frozen ground.

Standing by the cold, lifeless form of his little daughter, he promised God that he would meet her in heaven.





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