[ froh-zuhn ]
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  1. past participle of freeze.

  1. congealed by cold; turned into ice.

  2. covered with ice, as a stream.

  1. frigid; very cold.

  2. injured or killed by frost or cold.

  3. obstructed by ice, as pipes.

  4. chilly or cold in manner; unfeeling: a frozen stare.

  5. rigid; immobilized: The child was frozen with fear.

  6. quick-frozen: frozen foods.

  7. (of food) chilled or refrigerated.

  8. (especially of a drink) mixed with ice and frappéed in an electric blender.

  9. in a form that is not readily convertible into cash; not liquid: frozen assets.

  10. not permitted to be changed or incapable of being altered; fixed: frozen rents; frozen salaries.

  11. Canasta. (of the discard pile) unable to be picked up by a player unless the player's hand contains a natural pair to match the top card of the pile.: Compare freeze (def. 30a)

Origin of frozen

First recorded in 1300–50, for the adjective

Other words from frozen

  • fro·zen·ly, adverb
  • fro·zen·ness, noun
  • pre·fro·zen, adjective
  • un·fro·zen, adjective

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How to use frozen in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for frozen


/ (ˈfrəʊzən) /

  1. the past participle of freeze

  1. turned into or covered with ice

  2. obstructed or blocked by ice

  1. killed, injured, or stiffened by extreme cold

  2. (of a region or climate) icy or snowy

  3. (of food) preserved by a freezing process

    • (of prices, wages, etc) arbitrarily pegged at a certain level

    • (of business assets) not convertible into cash, as by government direction or business conditions

  4. frigid, unfeeling, or disdainful in manner

  5. motionless or unyielding: he was frozen with horror

Derived forms of frozen

  • frozenly, adverb
  • frozenness, noun

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