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[ap-ruh-bey-tiv, uh-proh-buh-]
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  1. approving; expressing approbation.
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Also ap·pro·ba·to·ry [uh-proh-buh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee] /əˈproʊ bəˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i/.

Origin of approbative

From the Medieval Latin word approbātīvus, dating back to 1605–15. See approbate, -ive
Related formsap·pro·ba·tive·ness, nounsub·ap·pro·ba·tive, adjectivesub·ap·pro·ba·tive·ness, nounsub·ap·pro·ba·to·ry, adjective
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Related Words for approbative

appreciative, congratulatory, respectful, polite, sympathetic, positive, encouraging, benign, agreeable, supportive, flattering, acclamatory, approbatory, commendatory, adulatory, approbative, encomiastic, eulogistic, laudative, panegyrical

Examples from the Web for approbative

Historical Examples of approbative

  • A small victory thus won acts on them like the good dinner to the Alimentive man, or flattery to the Approbative person.

    The Psychology of Salesmanship

    William Walker Atkinson

  • And the approbative shouts of his half-intoxicated auditors filled his simple soul with delight and pride.

    Almayer's Folly

    Joseph Conrad