or ar·che·o·log·i·cal

[ ahr-kee-uh-loj-i-kuhl ]


  1. of or relating to archaeology.

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Other Words From

  • archae·o·logi·cal·ly adverb
  • hyper·archae·o·logi·cal adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of archaeological1

1775–85; < Greek archaiologik ( ós ) ( archaeology, -ic ) + -al 1

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Example Sentences

From Denver, it’s an eight-hour drive to Chaco Culture National Historical Park, a remote archaeological site in northern New Mexico that’s designated an International Dark Sky Park for its stellar stargazing.

Though he deserves plenty of credit for identifying Çatalhöyük as a rich archaeological resource, his interpretations of its culture are contradicted by loads of evidence that researchers have discovered since the 1980s.

An archaeological survey near the modern community of Sitka recently revealed the hidden outline of the now-legendary fort, whose exact location had been lost to history since shortly after the battle.

The ancient archaeological site of Chan Chan in Peru is at new risk of erosion due to intensifying storms caused by El Niño.

From Ozy

Scientific debate about the most controversial archaeological site in the Americas has entered rocky new territory.

The Leakeys—Richard, his parents, Louis and Mary, and his wife Maeve and daughter Louise, are an archaeological dynasty.

But even in the New World, there are still archaeological riches to be plundered.

No such clues have yet been announced by the archaeological team at Amphipolis, a group led by Katerina Persisteri.

Four decades of turmoil have devastated archaeological sites, but the chaos has also resurfaced previously buried treasures.

His cousin died in 2009 when an illegally excavated archaeological site collapsed on top of him.

Aside from its world-famous minster, York teems with objects and places of curious and archaeological interest.

Mr. Hall explains the fact by "the conscious and consistent" archaeological precision of the Asiatic poets of the ninth century.

By an accident of archaeological discovery, we find that there were such caps set with boars' tusks as he introduces.

He was also interested in the amalgamation of the German historical and archaeological societies.

The small number of priests in the Archaeological Society is a striking reproach.