[ ahr-kuh-pel-uh-goh ]
/ 藢蓱r k蓹藞p蓻l 蓹藢go蕣 /
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noun, plural ar路chi路pel路a路gos, ar路chi路pel路a路goes.
a large group or chain of islands: the Malay Archipelago.
any large body of water with many islands.
the Archipelago, the Aegean Sea.
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Origin of archipelago

1495鈥1505; alteration (archi- for arci-) of Italian arcipelago, alteration of Egeopelago the Aegean Sea <Greek Aiga卯on p茅lagos

OTHER WORDS FROM archipelago

ar路chi路pe路lag路ic [ahr-kuh-puh-laj-ik], /藢蓱r k蓹 p蓹藞l忙d蕭 瑟k/, ar路chi路pe路la路gi路an [ahr-kuh-puh-ley-jee-uhn, -juhn], /藢蓱r k蓹 p蓹藞le瑟 d蕭i 蓹n, -d蕭蓹n/, adjective
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How to use archipelago in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for archipelago

/ (藢蓱藧k瑟藞p蓻l瑟藢伞蓹蕣) /

noun plural -gos or -goes
a group of islands
a sea studded with islands

Derived forms of archipelago

archipelagic (藢蓱藧k瑟p蓹藞l忙d蕭瑟k) or archipelagian (藢蓱藧k瑟p蓹藞le瑟d蕭瑟蓹n), adjective

Word Origin for archipelago

C16 (meaning: the Aegean Sea): from Italian arcipelago, literally: the chief sea (perhaps originally a mistranslation of Greek Aigaion pelagos the Aegean Sea), from archi- + pelago sea, from Latin pelagus, from Greek pelagos
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Scientific definitions for archipelago

[ 盲r鈥瞜蓹-p臅l蓹-g艒鈥 ]

A large group of islands.
A sea, such as the Aegean, or an area in a sea containing a large number of scattered islands.
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Cultural definitions for archipelago

[ (ahr-kuh-pel-uh-goh) ]

A group of islands near one another.

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