[ahr-juh nt]


Heraldry. the tincture or metal silver.
  1. silver.
  2. something silvery or white.
Obsolete. money.


like silver; silvery white.
Heraldry. of the tincture or metal silver: a lion argent.


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Origin of argent

1400–50; late Middle English argentum < Latin: silver, money


variant of argento-, especially before a vowel.
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  1. an archaic or poetic word for silver
  2. (as adjective; often postpositive, esp in heraldry)a bend argent

Word Origin for argent

C15: from Old French, from Latin

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Word Origin and History for argent



c.1300, "quicksilver, the metal mercury," from Old French argent (11c.), from Latin argentum "silver, silver work, white money," from PIE *arg-ent- (cf. Avestan erezata-, Old Persian ardata-, Armenian arcat, Old Irish argat, Breton arc'hant "silver"), from root *arg- "to shine; white," thus "the shining or white metal, silver" (cf. Greek argos "white," arguron "silver;" Sanskrit arjuna- "white, shining," rajata- "silver," Hittite harki- "white"). Meaning "silver, silver coin" is early 15c. in English; the adjective sense "silver-colored," late 15c.

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