[ ar-uh-stuh-teel-yuh-niz-uhm, -tee-lee-uh-, uh-ris-tuh- ]

  1. the philosophy of Aristotle.

  2. emphasis upon deduction and upon investigation of concrete and particular things and situations.

Origin of Aristotelianism

First recorded in 1835–45; Aristotelian + -ism

Other words from Aristotelianism

  • an·ti-Ar·is·to·te·lian·ism, noun
  • pro-Ar·is·to·te·lian·ism, noun

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How to use Aristotelianism in a sentence

  • Aristotelianism, however, did not reign without a rival even in the later Middle Ages.

    History of Modern Philosophy | Alfred William Benn
  • The reforms initiated mainly by Melanchthon had not, indeed, contemplated the overthrow of Aristotelianism.

  • The modifications upon the almost exclusive Aristotelianism of the first period, were significant.

    Practical Essays | Alexander Bain
  • Like the German Reformers, he had accepted Aristotelianism as a basis, with a similar process of reconciliation.

    Practical Essays | Alexander Bain
  • But Aristotelianism as a system soon ceased to be in vogue, and by the sixth century was no longer known.