[ ahrm-lohd ]


  1. Chiefly Midland U.S. armful ( def 1 ).

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Word History and Origins

Origin of armload1

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Example Sentences

I brought the Bone Button along instead of a fleece because the denim is more durable, so it was great for gathering armloads of firewood.

We cooked three meals a day, did armloads of laundry and finally had the time to address home to-do lists.

Keep adding armloads of boughs or other vegetation if the mattress compresses too much or isn’t warm enough.

I was about to hand the $20 over to a full-blooded Oglala Sioux holding an armload of dream catchers.

From Ozy

I saw a young guy striding down with an armload of wild fennel.

McLean visited a greenhouse and bought an armload of its finest products; but Freckles would have none of them.

Devore didn't say a word when the old major reverently laid that armload of copy down in front of him.

Out of the front door Edith Williams now emerged, quite calmly, with an armload of books.

Soon he saw Elnora, her flushed face beaming as she bent with an armload of twigs and branches and talked to a kneeling man.

The tour of installation ended, David started for his old home to begin the removal, armload at a time, of his few belongings.