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    get a load of, Slang.
    1. to look at; notice; observe.
    2. to listen to with interest: Did you get a load of what she said?
    load the dice, to put someone or something in a advantageous or disadvantageous position; affect or influence the result: Lack of sufficient education loaded the dice against him as a candidate for the job.

Origin of load

before 1000; Middle English lode (noun); orig. the same word as lode (Old English lād way, course, carrying); senses influenced by lade

Related formsload·less, adjectivere·load, noun, verbun·der·load, verb (used with object)

Can be confusedload lode

Synonym study

7. Load, burden referred originally to something placed on a person or animal or put into a vehicle for conveyance. Both load and burden are still used in this literal sense, though burden only infrequently, except in such fixed phrases as beast of burden and a ship of 1500 tons burden (carrying capacity). Both words have come to be used figuratively to refer to duties, cares, etc., that are oppressively heavy, and this is now the main meaning of burden : You have taken a load off my mind. Some children are a burden. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for load



something to be borne or conveyed; weight
  1. the usual amount borne or conveyed
  2. (in combination)a carload
something that weighs down, oppresses, or burdensthat's a load off my mind
a single charge of a firearm
the weight that is carried by a structureSee also dead load, live load
electrical engineering electronics
  1. a device that receives or dissipates the power from an amplifier, oscillator, generator, or some other source of signals
  2. the power delivered by a machine, generator, circuit, etc
the force acting on a component in a mechanism or structure
the resistance overcome by an engine or motor when it is driving a machine, etc
an external force applied to a component or mechanism
a load of informal a quantity ofa load of nonsense
get a load of informal pay attention to
have a load on US and Canadian slang to be intoxicated
shoot one's load slang (of a man) to ejaculate at orgasm

verb (mainly tr)

(also intr) to place or receive (cargo, goods, etc) upon (a ship, lorry, etc)
to burden or oppress
to supply or beset (someone) with in abundance or overwhelminglythey loaded her with gifts
to cause to be biasedto load a question
(also intr) to put an ammunition charge into (a firearm)
photog to position (a film, cartridge, or plate) in (a camera)
to weight or bias (a roulette wheel, dice, etc)
insurance to increase (a premium) to cover expenses, etc
to draw power from (an electrical device, such as a generator)
to add material of high atomic number to (concrete) to increase its effectiveness as a radiation shield
to increase the power output of (an electric circuit)
to increase the work required from (an engine or motor)
to apply force to (a mechanism or component)
computing to transfer (a program) to a memory
load the dice
  1. to add weights to dice in order to bias them
  2. to arrange to have a favourable or unfavourable position
See also loads

Word Origin for load

Old English lād course; in meaning, influenced by lade 1; related to lead 1

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Medicine definitions for load




A departure from normal body content, as of water, salt, or heat. A positive load is a quantity in excess of the normal; a negative load is a deficit.

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Science definitions for load



The resistance, weight, or power drain sustained by a machine or electrical circuit. Compare effort.
The power output of a generator or power plant.
The amount of a pathogen or toxic substance present in an organism.
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Idioms and Phrases with load


In addition to the idioms beginning with load

  • loaded for bear
  • loaded question
  • load off one's feet
  • load off one's mind, a
  • load the dice

also see:

  • bricks shy of a load
  • carbo load
  • get a load of
  • take the load off
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