[ kahr-goh ]
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noun,plural car·goes, car·gos.
  1. the lading or freight of a ship, airplane, etc.

  1. cargos, pants or shorts having several cargo pockets to hold bulky gear and small items.

  1. of or denoting a style of pants or shorts with cargo pockets.

Origin of cargo

1640–50; from Spanish: “a load,” noun derivative of cargar “to load,” from Late Latin carricāre; see charge

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1. See freight.

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/ (ˈkɑːɡəʊ) /

nounplural -goes or -gos
    • goods carried by a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle; freight

    • (as modifier): a cargo vessel

  1. any load: the train pulled in with its cargo of new arrivals

Origin of cargo

C17: from Spanish: from cargar to load, from Late Latin carricāre to load a vehicle, from carrus car

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