[ uh-rahyv ]
/ 蓹藞ra瑟v /
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verb (used without object), ar路rived, ar路riv路ing.
to come to a certain point in the course of travel; reach one's destination: He finally arrived in Rome.
to come to be near or present in time: The moment to act has arrived.
to attain a position of success, power, achievement, fame, or the like: After years of hard work, she has finally arrived in her field.
Archaic. to happen: It arrived that the master had already departed.
verb (used with object), ar路rived, ar路riv路ing.
Obsolete. to reach; come to.
Verb Phrases
arrive at,
  1. to come to a place after traveling; reach.
  2. to attain the objective in a course or process: to arrive at a conclusion.
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Origin of arrive

1175鈥1225; Middle English a(r)riven<Old French a(r)river<Vulgar Latin *arr墨p膩re to come to land, verbal derivative of Latin ad r墨pam to the riverbank; cf. river1


ar路riv路er, nounun路ar路rived, adjectiveun路ar路riv路ing, adjective

Other definitions for arrive (2 of 2)

[ ar-ee-vey; French a-ree-vey ]
/ 藢忙r i藞ve瑟; French a ri藞ve瑟 /

noun, plural ar路ri路v茅s [ar-ee-veyz; French a-ree-vey]. /藢忙r i藞ve瑟z; French a ri藞ve瑟/.
a person who has swiftly gained wealth, status, success, or fame.

Origin of arriv茅

1920鈥25; <French: literally, arrived, noun use of past participle of arriver to arrive
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How to use arrive in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for arrive

/ (蓹藞ra瑟v) /

verb (intr)
to come to a certain place during or after a journey; reach a destination
(foll by at) to agree upon; reachto arrive at a decision
to occur eventuallythe moment arrived when pretence was useless
informal (of a baby) to be born
informal to attain success or gain recognition

Derived forms of arrive

arriver, noun

Word Origin for arrive

C13: from Old French ariver, from Vulgar Latin arr墨p膩re (unattested) to land, reach the bank, from Latin ad to + r墨pa river bank
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