/ ˈærəʊz /


  1. functioning as singular an informal name for darts
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Example Sentences

As grown-ups without turbo-charged explosive arrows, we can only change the rules through politics.

There were also aerial displays by the Red Arrows, and Red Devils parachutists.

Even beyond the slings and arrows aimed at them both in public life, these two women have a lot in common.

Painted arrows on the linoleum floor direct you where to stand in line.

When the Arrows and the Blades ended the game in a scoreless tie, the crowd jumped onto the field.

A coquette is said to be an imperfect incarnation of Cupid, as she keeps her beau, and not her arrows, in a quiver.

With arrows and with bows they shall go in thither: for briers and thorns shall be in all the land.

The arrows represent the flow of money from each of these four categories to the others.

In the diagram the horizontal arrows represent such mere banking operations, not true circulation.

On the other hand, the arrows along the sides of the triangle represent actual circulation.