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a suffix occurring in scientific, especially medical, words from Greek: psoriasis.
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Origin of -asis

<Latin <Greek -iā- verb stem + -sis-sis
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What does as is mean?

As is is a phrase used to describe the present state of something with no changes.

As is is most often used to describe items for sale that may be faulty, damaged, or otherwise not in a perfect condition, as in I don’t need the house fixed up because I want to buy it as is. 

Example: Frida saved some money buying the television as is and fixing it herself.

Where does as is come from?

The earliest records of the phrase as is come from around 1895. It was first used in the United States and it is possibly a shortening of “as it is.” The phrase is used to mean that the buyer is purchasing the item with no changes to it and no guarantees of quality.

Typically, the phrase as is is used in sales listings or by salespeople. The phrase is used to make it clear that the item being sold could be broken, be of poor quality, or have problems. The buyer can’t accuse the seller of fraud or tricking them into purchasing a low-quality item. The Uniform Commercial Code specifically mentions that a seller can use the phrase as is to tell a customer they have no legal right to seek a refund or compensation if whatever they bought is unsatisfactory.

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How is as is used in real life?

As is is often used to describe the sale of used, broken, or low-quality items.

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Is as is used correctly in the following sentence?

Rather than pay for repairs and paint, Marieke decided to sell her car as is.

How to use -asis in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for -asis


suffix forming nouns
a variant of -iasis
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Other Idioms and Phrases with -asis

as is

Just the way it is, with no changes. For example, We saved a few dollars by buying the floor sample on an as is basis. This expression is used of goods to be sold that may be slightly worn, damaged, or otherwise less than perfect.

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