[ uh-sem-buhl ]
/ 蓹藞s蓻m b蓹l /
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verb (used with object), as路sem路bled, as路sem路bling.
to bring together or gather into one place, company, body, or whole.
to put or fit together; put together the parts of: to assemble information for a report; to assemble a toy from a kit.
Computers. compile (def. 4).
verb (used without object), as路sem路bled, as路sem路bling.
to come together; gather; meet: We assembled in the auditorium.
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Origin of assemble

1200鈥50; Middle English <Old French assembler<Vulgar Latin *assimul膩re to bring together, equivalent to Latin as-as- + simul together + -膩- thematic vowel + -re infinitive suffix

synonym study for assemble

1. See gather. 2. See manufacture.

Other definitions for assemble (2 of 2)

[ French a-sahn-bley ]
/ French a s蓱虄藞ble瑟 /

noun, plural as路sem路bl茅s [French a-sahn-bley]. /French a s蓱虄藞ble瑟/. Ballet.
a jump in which the dancer throws one leg up, springs off the other, and lands with both feet together.

Origin of assembl茅

<French, past participle of assembler to assemble
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What does聽assemble mean?

Assemble means to bring together in one place, as in I assembled all of the ingredients for a chocolate cake on the table.

Assemble can also mean to put or fit things together, as in Ikea is known for selling furniture that you have to assemble.聽

And assemble can mean to come together or meet up, as in The school staff assembled for a meeting.聽

When used generally, assemble can be used as a synonym for words such as gather, collect, and amass. When used specifically, assemble often means gathering things to arrange them in a proper order or placement, as when you assemble all the parts to build a computer.

Alternatively, assemble can mean to put things or parts together. This meaning is often used when referring to building or making something, as in Shontel will need to assemble several bookshelves using only a box of wooden planks.聽

In this sense, assemble is often used to refer to fitting manufactured parts together to make a final product or device. For example, a person would assemble a Lego brick set by snapping the parts together.

Both assembly and assemblage are used to refer to something that has been assembled, as in The president spoke to an assembly of world leaders.聽

Example: She assembled a team of scientists so they could all work together on the secret project.

Where does聽assemble come from?

The first records of assemble come from around 1200. It ultimately comes from the Latin simul, meaning 鈥渢ogether.鈥 And, sure enough, to assemble things means to bring them together in one place or to put parts together.

Assemble is a common word used to describe people or things coming together. People will often assemble for many different reasons, such as to watch a concert, listen to a speech, or wait for a bus. In the United States, the Constitution specifically gives citizens the right to peacefully assemble, that is to gather in one place, in order to collectively petition the government. Less seriously, the superhero Captain America often orders the Avengers to 鈥assemble!鈥 so they can work together to fight bad guys.

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Assemble is a common word used to describe people or things being gathered in one place or into one group.


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A. gather
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C. grow
D. disperse

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British Dictionary definitions for assemble (1 of 2)

/ (蓹藞s蓻mbl) /

to come or bring together; collect or congregate
to fit or join together (the parts of something, such as a machine)to assemble the parts of a kit
to run (a computer program) that converts a set of symbolic data, usually in the form of specific single-step instructions, into machine language

Word Origin for assemble

C13: from Old French assembler, from Vulgar Latin assimul膩re (unattested) to bring together, from Latin simul together

British Dictionary definitions for assemble (2 of 2)

/ French (as蓱虄ble) /

ballet a sideways leap in which the feet come together in the air in preparation for landing

Word Origin for assembl茅

literally: brought together
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