[ uh-sist ]
/ əˈsɪst /
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verb (used with object)

to give support or aid to; help: Please assist him in moving the furniture.
to be associated with as an assistant or helper.

verb (used without object)

to give aid or help.
to be present, as at a meeting or ceremony.




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Origin of assist

1505–15; from Latin assistere “to stand by, help,” equivalent to as- as- + sistere “to (cause to) stand” (si- reduplicative prefix + -ste- (variant of sta- stand) + -re infinitive suffix)
1. See help.
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British Dictionary definitions for assist

/ (əˈsɪst) /


to give help or support to (a person, cause, etc); aid
to work or act as an assistant or subordinate to (another)
ice hockey to help (a team-mate) to score, as by passing the puck
(intr foll by at) archaic to be present; attend


assister, noun
C15: from French assister to be present, from Latin assistere to stand by, from sistere to cause to stand, from stāre to stand
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