[ uh-shoor-uhns, -shur- ]
/ əˈʃʊər əns, -ˈʃɜr- /
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a positive declaration intended to give confidence: He received assurances of support for the project.
promise or pledge; guaranty; surety: He gave his assurance that the job would be done.
full confidence; freedom from doubt; certainty: to act in the assurance of success.
freedom from timidity; self-confidence; belief in one's abilities: She acted with speed and assurance.
presumptuous boldness; impudence.
Chiefly British. insurance.



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Origin of assurance

1325–75; Middle English ass(e)ura(u)nce<Middle French ass(e)urance.See assure, -ance
3. See trust. 4. See confidence.
pre·as·sur·ance, noun
assurance , insurance
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British Dictionary definitions for assurance

/ (əˈʃʊərəns) /


a statement, assertion, etc, intended to inspire confidence or give encouragementshe was helped by his assurance that she would cope
a promise or pledge of supporthe gave an assurance of help when needed
freedom from doubt; certaintyhis assurance about his own superiority infuriated her
forwardness; impudence
mainly British insurance providing for certainties such as death as contrasted with fire or theft
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