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[ uh-strahyd ]


  1. with a leg on each side of; straddling:

    She sat astride the horse.

  2. on both sides of:

    Budapest lies astride the river.

  3. in a dominant position within:

    Napoleon stands astride the early 19th century like a giant.


  1. in a posture of striding or straddling; with legs apart or on either side of something.


/ əˈstraɪd /


  1. with a leg on either side
  2. with the legs far apart


  1. with a leg on either side of
  2. with a part on both sides of
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Word History and Origins

Origin of astride1

First recorded in 1655–65; a- 1 + stride
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Example Sentences

We were not born to stand astride thin wedges of composite material on a turbulently stochastic ocean.

For many companies in Salinas, the man standing astride the gap between what happens in the field and the record-keeping needs of a modern farming business is a 50-year-old technology consultant named Paul Mariottini.

Here being astride Nuro, a company he and Jiajun Zhu, another former Google engineer, started in 2016, when their fundamental view of reality just … changed.

From Ozy

Lane rose, but then he motioned to the chute, where the other cowboys were sitting astride the fences.

Director Ridley Scott, however, must have found the image of Cameron Diaz astride a gleaming sports car too good not to show.

Still worse to imagine that we'd be doing all this while rolling around town on a Schwinn, rather than astride our majestic steed.

It was as though Idol, once a goliath astride the entertainment stage, was suddenly, just a television show.

The same ginger-haired model served Caravaggio for his Amor Vincit Omnia, where Cupid stands astride an unmade bed.

Matt lost not an instant in dropping the club, getting astride the Comet, and starting.

And when finally somebody turned on the lights, Jeff Weedham was on the floor, two cops astride him.

"Now I know why you wear that hideous divided habit and ride astride," said Gwynne as they started.

Unaided, the 6th Gurkhas got well astride the ridge, but had to fall back owing to the lack of his support.

Two gladiators armed with pillows sit astride a spar and try to knock each other off.