[ uh-strin-juhnt ]
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  1. Medicine/Medical. contracting; constrictive; styptic.

  2. harshly biting; caustic: his astringent criticism.

  1. stern or severe; austere.

  2. sharply incisive; pungent: astringent wit.

  1. Medicine/Medical. a substance that contracts the tissues or canals of the body, thereby diminishing discharges, as of mucus or blood.

  2. a cosmetic that cleans the skin and constricts the pores.

Origin of astringent

1535–45; <Latin astringent- (stem of astringēns) present participle of astringere to astringe; see -ent

synonym study For astringent

2, 4. See acid.

Other words for astringent

Other words from astringent

  • as·trin·gen·cy, noun
  • as·trin·gent·ly, adverb
  • non·as·trin·gen·cy, noun
  • non·as·trin·gent, adjective
  • non·as·trin·gent·ly, adverb

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How to use astringent in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for astringent


/ (əˈstrɪndʒənt) /

  1. severe; harsh

  2. sharp or invigorating

  1. causing contraction of body tissues, checking blood flow, or restricting secretions of fluids; styptic

  1. an astringent drug or lotion

Origin of astringent

C16: from Latin astringēns drawing together; see astrict

Derived forms of astringent

  • astringency or astringence, noun
  • astringently, adverb

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Scientific definitions for astringent


[ ə-strĭnjənt ]

  1. A substance or preparation, such as alum, that draws together or constricts body tissues, resulting in decreased flow of blood or other secretions.

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