[uh-ton-ik, ey-ton-]


  1. unaccented.
  2. Obsolete.voiceless.
Pathology. characterized by atony.


Grammar. an unaccented word, syllable, or sound.

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Origin of atonic

1720–30; a-6 + tonic; in pathology sense, aton(y) + -ic Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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(of a syllable, word, etc) carrying no stress; unaccented
pathol lacking body or muscle tone


an unaccented or unstressed syllable, word, etc, such as for in food for thought
Derived Formsatonicity (ˌætəˈnɪsɪtɪ, ˌeɪtəʊ-), noun

Word Origin for atonic

C18: from Latin atonicus, from Greek atonos lacking tone; see atony

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Medicine definitions for atonic




Relating to, caused by, or exhibiting lack of muscle tone.
Related formsat′o•nici•ty (ăt′ə-nĭsĭ-tē, ăt′n-ĭs-) n.

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