noun, plural aus·pi·ces [aw-spuh-seez] /ˈɔ spəˌsiz/.

an augur of ancient Rome.

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Origin of auspex

1590–1600; < Latin: one who observes birds, soothsayer, diviner, equivalent to au-, base of avis bird + -spex watcher (spec-, stem of specere to look at) + -s nominative singular suffix Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for auspex


noun plural auspices (ˈɔːspɪˌsiːz)

Roman history another word for augur (def. 1)

Word Origin for auspex

C16: from Latin: observer of birds, from avis bird + specere to look

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Word Origin and History for auspex



1590s, "one who observes flights of birds for the purpose of taking omens," from Latin auspex "interpreter of omens given by birds," from PIE *awi-spek- "observer of birds," from *awi- "bird" (see aviary) + *spek- "to see" (see scope (n.1)). Connection between birds and omens also is in Greek oionos "bird of prey, bird of omen, omen," and ornis "bird," which also could mean "omen."

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