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[ aw-ther-uh-zey-shuhn ]


  1. the act of authorizing.
  2. permission or power granted by an authority; sanction.
  3. a legislative act authorizing money to be spent for government programs that specifies a maximum spending level without provision for actual funds.

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Other Words From

  • de·au·thor·i·za·tion noun
  • mis·au·thor·i·za·tion noun
  • pre·au·thor·i·za·tion noun
  • re·au·thor·i·za·tion noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of authorization1

First recorded in 1600–10; authorize + -ation

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Example Sentences

The FDA has since said drugmakers have to meet a higher standard than normal for such authorization.

From Fortune

“Whether it’s under an emergency use authorization or a full license, when vaccines are starting to be given to people outside of clinical trials, it’s critical that we understand how they are performing,” Gellin says.

Last week, the FDA issued an emergency use authorization for a treatment called convalescent plasma.

Abbott Laboratories’ test granted emergency use authorization August 26 also is an antigen test and, with its card-based technology, is even simpler.

Emergency use authorization can be withdrawn, as was the case for hydroxychloroquine.

Irritated members of Congress say that the authorization of the train-and-equip mission is merely about optics.

Both wanted the president to take the lead on offering a draft war authorization.

One silver lining for Obama may be on the issue of a new congressional authorization for war against ISIS.

Congress might vote on the authorization of force measure as soon as December.

Lawmakers who have written ISIS war authorization bills include Sen. Bill Nelson and Rep. Frank Wolf.

The authorization borne by him was very extraordinary and had a great excess of the ordinary warrants.

Every Jew in the northeastern department must have a license to do business, and a notarial authorization for pawnbrokerage.

Nadia Fedor then asked, and easily obtained from the Russian government, an authorization to join her father at Irkutsk.

The authorization of the Romans was not necessary in order to apply it.

In 1604 convocation framed a code of canons which received royal authorization.





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