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[ uh-vey-luh-bil-i-tee ]


  1. the fact or quality of being close at hand and ready for use:

    Children learn about the importance of reading and writing through the availability of a wide variety of books.

  2. the fact or quality of being readily obtainable:

    Prices are subject to availability of the product at the time of ordering.

  3. freedom or willingness to do something:

    League members selected as reserve players shall confirm their availability by signing the list on the notice board.

  4. the fact or condition of not being involved in a romantic or sexual relationship and therefore being potentially open to one:

    Overall, he says, a man is more attracted to a woman by the signs of her availability than by her physical appearance.

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  • in·ter·a·vail·a·bil·i·ty noun
  • non·a·vail·a·bil·i·ty noun
  • un·a·vail·a·bil·i·ty un·a·vail·a·ble·ness noun

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Example Sentences

“The only thing that has changed is that the Postal Service has increased its communications with states,” said the lawyer, whose name was not immediately available.

Stein said that, at a recent industry conference, he saw a presentation by Bright Eyes that estimated that there are over 3,500 CBD products available for purchase.

From Digiday

If online tracking isn’t available, you can call your local election office to ask about the status of your ballot.

Congress needs to pass the Equality Act as soon as possible to ensure that all LGBTQ Americans have the strongest available protections against unequal treatment where we work, live, go to school and interact with others in the public sphere.

HHS said that the number available in March 2020 was essentially the same number as of January 2017, when President Barack Obama left office.

Hitchcock is silent for a moment as Batliner checks on Connery's availability.

Everyone was very generous with their time, and their availability.

Internet availability was “intermittent” and other forms of communication scarce.

The journal and publisher believe that its continued availability may not be in the public interest.

The shards of one can be used to cut someone (never mind the constant availability of soup-can tops).

The availability of Life Magazine and the need to pay for a lawyer.

Note that because of font availability, thorn with stroke is shown as separate characters,  or with combining -.

What they lack is certain other qualities more vital in the formation of a judgment as to their availability.

The two administrations of Low demonstrated beyond question the availability of the "Brooklyn system."

The availability of these and other feeding areas in southeastern Alaska has not been constant over the years.


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