Idioms for average

    on the / an average, usually; typically: She can read 50 pages an hour, on the average.

Origin of average

1485–95; earlier averay charge on goods shipped, originally duty (<Middle French avarie<Old Italian avaria<Arabic ʿawārīyah damaged merchandise), with -age replacing -ay

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Example sentences from the Web for average

  • I am, so far as these are concerned, merely the man in the street, the averagely endowed and the ordinarily educated.

  • Those two coming now consisted of two better than averagely dressed girls who would run somewhere in their early twenties.

    Combat|Dallas McCord Reynolds
  • More comfortable would be a role as an averagely anti-Russian tourist—not fanatically so, but averagely.

    Combat|Dallas McCord Reynolds
  • I know that his putting was extraordinarily good—far better than an averagely good putter's daylight putting.

    Fifty Years of Golf|Horace G. Hutchinson

British Dictionary definitions for average

/ (ˈævərɪdʒ, ˈævrɪdʒ) /




Derived forms of average

averagely, adverbaverageness, noun

Word Origin for average

C15 averay loss arising from damage to ships or cargoes (shared equitably among all concerned, hence the modern sense), from Old Italian avaria, ultimately from Arabic awār damage, blemish
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Medical definitions for average

[ ăvər-ĭj, ăvrĭj ]



Of, relating to, or constituting an average.
Being intermediate between extremes, as on a scale.


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Scientific definitions for average

[ ăvər-ĭj ]

A number, especially the arithmetic mean, that is derived from and considered typical or representative of a set of numbers. Compare arithmetic mean median mode.
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Cultural definitions for average


A single number that represents a set of numbers. Means, medians, and modes are kinds of averages; usually, however, the term average refers to a mean.

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