[av-i-din, uh-vid-in]

noun Biochemistry.

a protein, found in the white of egg, that combines with and prevents the action of biotin, thus injuring the animal that consumes it in excess by producing biotin deficiency.

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Origin of avidin

1940–45; avid + (biot)in; so named from its affinity for biotin

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British Dictionary definitions for avidin



a protein, found in egg-white, that combines with biotin to form a stable compound that cannot be absorbed, leading to a biotin deficiency in the consumer

Word Origin for avidin

C20: from avid + (bio) in; from its characteristic avidity for biotin

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Medicine definitions for avidin




A protein, found in uncooked egg white, that binds to and inactivates biotin and which, when present in abundance, can result in a deficiency of biotin.

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