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  1. any of several salamanders of the genus Ambystoma that inhabit lakes and ponds of Mexico and remain in the larval stage as sexually mature adults.
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Origin of axolotl

1780–90; < Nahuatl āxōlōtl, equivalent to ā(tl) water + xōlōtl page, male servant
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  1. any of several aquatic salamanders of the North American genus Ambystoma, esp A. mexicanum (Mexican axolotl), in which the larval form (including external gills) is retained throughout life under natural conditions (see neoteny): family Ambystomidae
  2. any of various other North American salamanders in which neoteny occurs or is induced
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Word Origin for axolotl

C18: from Nahuatl, from atl water + xolotl servant, doll
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1786, genus of Mexican salamanders, from Spanish, from Nahuatl, literally "servant of water," from atl "water" + xolotl "slippery or wrinkled one, servant, slave" [cf. Frances Karttunen, "An Analytical Dictionary of Nahuatl"].

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