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verb (used without object), back·spaced, back·spac·ing.
  1. to shift the carriage or typing element of a typewriter one space backward by depressing a special key.
  2. Computers. to move the cursor, printhead, etc., toward the beginning of the data.
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  1. the space made by backspacing.
  2. Also called back·spac·er, backspace key. the labeled key on a typewriter or computer keyboard used for backspacing.
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Origin of backspace

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British Dictionary definitions for backspace


  1. to move a (typewriter carriage) backwards
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  1. a typewriter key that effects such a movement
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Word Origin and History for backspace


also back-space, 1899, in reference to keyboarding, from back (adv.) + space.

We have had the pleasure of examining one of the 1899 model Hammond typewriters, with the new back-space key. This new feature is certainly an improvement in the machine. ["The Phonetic Journal," March 11, 1899]
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