[ ban-duh-rohl ]
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  1. a small flag or streamer fastened to a lance, masthead, etc.

  2. a narrow scroll, usually bearing an inscription.

  1. (especially in Renaissance architecture) a sculptured band, as on a building, adapted to receive an inscription.

Origin of banderole

1555–65; <Middle French <Italian banderuola, equivalent to bandier(a) banner + -uola<Latin -e- or -i- + -ola-ole2
  • Also ban·de·rol, ban·drol, ban·drole [ban-drohl]. /ˈbæn droʊl/.

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How to use banderole in a sentence

  • No plume or nobloy fluttered from his plain tilting salade, and even his lance was devoid of the customary banderole.

    The White Company | Arthur Conan Doyle
  • It was discovered, thanks to the same breeze, that the black banderole of the Gypsies was the last of the seven.

  • Before his time, the soldiers merely wore a banderole over their steel breast-plates and ordinary dresses.

  • Usually a flying cherub holds an end of the banderole, and Ferri shows a wingless putto even, flying with no other assistance.

    Art Principles | Ernest Govett
  • Even a simple banderole or scarf suffices to indicate movement in the air if well arranged.

    Art Principles | Ernest Govett

British Dictionary definitions for banderole


banderol bannerol

/ (ˈbændəˌrəʊl) /

  1. a long narrow flag, usually with forked ends, esp one attached to the masthead of a ship; pennant

  2. a square flag draped over a tomb or carried at a funeral

  1. a ribbon-like scroll or sculptured band bearing an inscription, found esp in Renaissance architecture

  2. a streamer on a knight's lance

Origin of banderole

C16: from Old French, from Italian banderuola, literally: a little banner, from bandiera banner

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