[ ban-er ]
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  1. the flag of a country, army, troop, etc.

  2. an ensign or the like bearing some device, motto, or slogan, as one carried in religious processions, political demonstrations, etc.

  1. a flag formerly used as the standard of a sovereign, lord, or knight.

  2. a sign painted on cloth and hung over a street, entrance, etc.: Banners at the intersection announced the tennis tournament.

  3. anything regarded or displayed as a symbol of principles.

  4. Heraldry. a square flag bearing heraldic devices.

  5. Also called banner line, line, screamer, streamer. Journalism. a headline extending across the width of a newspaper page, usually across the top of the front page.

  6. an open streamer with lettering, towed behind an airplane in flight, for advertising purposes.

  7. Also called banner ad . an advertisement that appears across the top or bottom or along one side of a web page.

  1. leading or foremost: a banner year for crops.

Origin of banner

1200–50; Middle English banere<Old French baniere<Late Latin bann(um) (variant of bandum standard <Germanic, compare Gothic bandwa sign; see band1) + Old French -iere<Latin -āria-ary

Other words for banner

Other words from banner

  • ban·nered, adjective
  • ban·ner·less, adjective
  • ban·ner·like, adjective
  • un·ban·nered, adjective

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/ (ˈbænə) /

  1. a long strip of flexible material displaying a slogan, advertisement, etc, esp one suspended between two points

  2. a placard or sign carried in a procession or demonstration

  1. something that represents a belief or principle: a commitment to nationalization was the banner of British socialism

  2. the flag of a nation, army, etc, used as a standard or ensign

  3. (formerly) the standard of an emperor, knight, etc

  4. Also called: banner headline a large headline in a newspaper, etc, extending across the page, esp the front page

  5. an advertisement, often animated, that extends across the width of a web page

  6. a square flag, often charged with the arms of its bearer

  1. (tr) (of a newspaper headline) to display (a story) prominently

  1. US outstandingly successful: a banner year for orders

Origin of banner

C13: from Old French baniere, of Germanic origin; compare Gothic bandwa sign; influenced by Medieval Latin bannum ban 1, bannīre to banish

Derived forms of banner

  • bannered, adjective

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