[ ban-uh-ster ]
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  1. a baluster.

  2. Sometimes banisters. the balustrade of a staircase.

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Origin of banister

First recorded in 1660–70; apparently by dissimilation from earlier barrister, alteration of baluster, perhaps by association with bar1
  • Also ban·nis·ter .

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How to use banister in a sentence

  • I woke the next morning and saw an actual sunbeam gleaming brightly onto the wooden banister outside my window.

  • “I saw one man, he got tired, and he went over to the banister and he jumped off and killed himself,” she says.

    The Haunted Symbol of New Orleans | Nicole LaPorte | August 28, 2010 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • Fearing to lose his way, he bawls over the banister, and through the corridors, “Is any one there?”

    Checkmate | Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  • The hall was as black as a dungeon, but by groping around she found the banister rail, and so made her way upstairs.

    Marjorie's Busy Days | Carolyn Wells
  • Nicole turned to see her father climbing up the stairs, pulling himself along on the banister and leaning on his walking stick.

    Shaman | Robert Shea
  • With a startled cry he lunged forward, clutching at the banister to steady his blundering descent.

    Ralestone Luck | Andre Norton
  • Convulsively grasping the banister with both hands, his broad shoulders formed a mighty buttress against the pressing flood.

    The Man-Wolf and Other Tales | Emile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian