[ bang-kwit ]
/ 藞b忙艐 kw瑟t /
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a lavish meal; feast.
a ceremonious public dinner, especially one honoring a person, benefiting a charity, etc.
verb (used with object), ban路quet路ed, ban路quet路ing.
to entertain or regale with a banquet: They banqueted the visiting prime minister in grand style.
verb (used without object), ban路quet路ed, ban路quet路ing.
to have or attend a banquet; feast: They banqueted on pheasant, wild boar, and three kinds of fish.
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Origin of banquet

First recorded in 1450鈥1500; from Middle French, from Italian banchetto (banc(o) 鈥渢able鈥 (see bank2) + -etto -et); replacing late Middle English bankat, banket(te), from Middle French

synonym study for banquet

1. See feast.


ban路quet路er, ban路que路teer [bang-kwi-teer], /藢b忙艐 kw瑟藞t瑟蓹r/, noun
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What does banquet mean?

A banquet is a feast, as in Theo likes to host banquets so he can cook all his favorite foods for others.

A banquet is also a public dinner, often very fancy and benefiting a charity or celebrating a person, as in Mac likes to organize the sports banquet at the end of the year for all the school鈥檚 teams.

A banquet is basically a feast for a lot of people. It鈥檚 a large, sumptuous meal during a ceremonious gathering. Banquets can be arranged to benefit a charity or to celebrate a specific person or group of people.

To banquet means to entertain with a banquet or to have a banquet.

You鈥檒l often hear the phrase banqueting hall, which is a room, especially in large medieval buildings, that is big enough to hold a banquet.

Example: Doreen hosted a banquet to raise money for a children鈥檚 charity.

Where does banquet come from?

The first records of the term banquet come from around the late 1400s. It ultimately comes from the Italian word banchetto.

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What are some other forms related to banquet?

  • banqueter (noun)
  • banqueteer (noun)

What are some synonyms for banquet?

What are some words that share a root or word element with banquet?

What are some words that often get used in discussing banquet?

How is banquet used in real life?

Banquet is almost exclusively used to refer to a lavish feast or a ceremonial dinner.



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A. fast
B. meal
C. reception
D. feast

How to use banquet in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for banquet

/ (藞b忙艐kw瑟t) /

a lavish and sumptuous meal; feast
a ceremonial meal for many people, often followed by speeches
verb -quets, -queting or -queted
(intr) to hold or take part in a banquet
(tr) to entertain or honour (a person) with a banquet

Derived forms of banquet

banqueter, noun

Word Origin for banquet

C15: from Old French, from Italian banchetto, from banco a table, of Germanic origin; see bank 1
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