1. A group of Christian communities marked chiefly by insistence on adult baptism by immersion. Baptists regard baptism as a ceremony that accompanies and seals a conscious profession of faith in Jesus ; for this reason, they do not baptize infants but wait until candidates have reached their teen or adult years. The Baptists are the largest Protestant denomination in the United States and are particularly insistent on the separation of church and state .

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Example Sentences

Madison knew directly how colonial-era Anglicans had persecuted Baptists.

Mainline and black Protestants rarely regard Southern Baptists and Mormons as political allies.

Hobby Lobby, which sells arts and crafts materials, is owned by devout Southern Baptists.

After all, Baptists believe in “soul liberty”: ultimately, your beliefs are between you and God.

There were no nightclubs, thanks to the Baptists, and there was scant affluence to create boating and nights at fancy restaurants.

Don't call to mind no state law ag'in' Congregationalists marryin' Baptists.

Deacon Pettybone was a busy man, organizing the forces of the Baptists, and seeking diligently to round up the votes of neutrals.

The dove was repeatedly sent out, and dry land was finally found for the Baptists in Fishergate.

Certain followers of a man belonging the great Smith family constituted the first congregation of English Baptists.

And in the following year, 1644, these "Fathers of American liberty" adopted measures equally decisive to "rout" the Baptists.