or bar-b-que

[ bahr-bi-kyoo ]


, bar·be·qued, bar·be·qu·ing.
  1. a variant of barbecue.

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Example Sentences

From traditional skillets that can be passed down for generations to ribbed grill pans that can take your barbeque to the next level, this trusted brand’s cast iron cookware line has plenty of products you need.

The place where jazz and barbeque and mob bosses and the blues flourished.

Finally, it is summer and one other wine to enjoy outside around the barbeque would be the Tobin James Sauvignon Blanc.

How about forcing a Muslim caterer to work a pork barbeque dinner?

A proper barbeque, you should be able to eat it with a spoon, it should just fall apart.

On the Fourth of July, a barbeque was held with Coca-Cola and grilled sausages and partygoers sang the American national anthem.

The pretty waitress lighted a gas-heater with a barbeque lighter, took our orders and went inside.

And, separated by a hedge, a brown tent with a barbeque pit before it, smoke rising in a rigid ribbon from the chimney.

Next weekend my mom and dad are going to Saturn for a barbeque.