basso profundo

[ bas-oh proh-fuhn-doh, -foon-, pruh-, bah-soh ]
/ ˈbæs oʊ proʊˈfʌn doʊ, -ˈfʊn-, prə-, ˈbɑ soʊ /

noun, plural bas·si pro·fun·di [bas-ee proh-fuhn-dee, bah-see]. /ˈbæs i proʊˈfʌn di, ˈbɑ si/.

a singer with a bass voice of the lowest range.



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Origin of basso profundo

First recorded in 1855–60, basso profundo is from Italian basso profondo literally, “deep bass.” See basso, profound Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021

Example sentences from the Web for basso profundo

  • There was the uproar to be expected of a basso-profundo banshee in pain.

    Space Platform|Murray Leinster
  • Disdainful of my mirth he merely muttered his basso-profundo thankfulness that we had not found her anywhere about there.

    Chance|Joseph Conrad

British Dictionary definitions for basso profundo

basso profundo
/ (prəʊˈfʌndəʊ, Italian proˈfundo) /

noun plural -dos

(esp in operatic solo singing) a singer with a very deep bass voice

Word Origin for basso profundo

Italian, literally: deep bass
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