bean pot

  1. a heavy, covered crockery or metal pot, suitable for the slow cooking of beans, stews, etc.

Origin of bean pot

An Americanism dating back to 1840–50

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How to use bean pot in a sentence

  • He hankers for the flesh-pots of the restaurant, and his soul yearns for the bean-pot of home.

    Woodcraft and Camping | George Washington Sears (Nessmuk)
  • Put half the salt pork or bacon in bottom of bean pot or baking dish, add the beans and top with remainder of pork or bacon.

  • A black bear was trying to dig up the bean-pot, growling softly at the heat of the round stones she uncovered.

  • Jack Elder lighted the shavings waiting in the belly of a cast-iron stove which was like an enlarged bean-pot.

    Main Street | Sinclair Lewis
  • A big old bean-pot full of purple iris sat on one end of the refectory table.

    Out of the Air | Inez Haynes Irwin