Beat Generation

or beat gen·er·a·tion

[ beet-jen-uh-rey-shuhn ]

  1. members of the generation that came of age after World War II who, supposedly as a result of disillusionment stemming from the Cold War, embraced forms of mysticism and the relaxation of social and sexual inhibitions.

Origin of Beat Generation

First recorded in 1950–55; apparently from beat, though the sense intended by earliest users of the phrase is not clear; the association with beatitude later made by Jack Kerouac is probably fanciful

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British Dictionary definitions for Beat Generation

Beat Generation

noun(functioning as singular or plural)
  1. members of the generation that came to maturity in the 1950s, whose rejection of the social and political systems of the West was expressed through contempt for regular work, possessions, traditional dress, etc, and espousal of anarchism, communal living, drugs, etc

  2. a group of US writers, notably Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and William Burroughs, who emerged in the 1950s

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