[ bee-ter ]

  1. a person or thing that beats.

  2. an implement or device for beating something (usually used in combination): the two beaters on an electric mixer;an old-fashioned rug beater that loosens dirt with every forceful whack.

  1. Slang: Offensive. wifebeater (def. 2).

  2. Informal. an old vehicle that is in poor condition: I drive a beater that I bought for $2,000.

  3. Hunting. a person who rouses or drives game from cover: The beater flushed a covey of grouse.

  4. Papermaking. a machine for beating half-stuff to pulp by separating and shortening the fibers to produce a gelatinous mass.

  5. Textiles. reed (def. 6).

  6. Newfoundland. a young seal, usually a month to six weeks old, having completely or almost completely shed its initial white fur.

Origin of beater

First recorded in 1400–50; late Middle English beter, better; see origin at beat, -er1; the seals in def. 8 are so named for their beating of the water with their flippers as they learn to swim

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How to use beater in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for beater


/ (ˈbiːtə) /

  1. a person who beats or hammers: a panel beater

  2. an instrument or device used for beating: a carpet beater

  1. a person who rouses wild game from woodland, undergrowth, etc

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