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[ bed-tahym ]


  1. the time times at which a person usually goes to bed:

    It's past my bedtime.

  2. the time times at which a person goes to bed on a particular night:

    I have to get up early tomorrow so bedtime tonight will be 9 o'clock.


/ ˈbɛdˌtaɪm /


    1. the time when one usually goes to bed
    2. ( as modifier )

      a bedtime story

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Word History and Origins

Origin of bedtime1

Middle English word dating back to 1200–50; bed, time
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Example Sentences

If your child is particularly picky about being tightly tucked in at bedtime, this might be a sign that a weighted blanket is right for them.

Ten minutes at bedtime with an essay collection, biography or self-help book and you immediately begin to nod off.

At bedtime, she laid linens out on the couch and read to him until he fell asleep.

The lights are designed to be flicker-free and offer a wide range of color options from bright light for reading to low glow for bedtime to create your own color patterns.

Rather, the use of screens so close to bedtime is likely a problem because it keeps your mind active, which in turn signals to your body that you should stay awake.

It can take pictures at get-togethers, organize your appointments, and even read your child a bedtime story.

“Bedtime procrastination may be a relatively modern phenomenon,” explained Kroese.

And when the girls demand at bedtime that he “do the Beatles,” at first he resists—then finally relents.

The crowd -- already standing room only -- rose to applaud her bedtime tale.

Ideally, sensitive sleepers should avoid alcohol between four and six hours before bedtime.

He knew that not only was it a signal for the closing of the city gates, but it was also a warning that bedtime was at hand.

But consolation came at bedtime; Margaret received her with open arms when she went to wish her goodnight.

From three oclock in the afternoon—when we returned from school—until bedtime, we were left to our own resources.

When bedtime came, she rested sweetly, having no wounded conscience to trouble or accuse her.

Tessa, began Dine abruptly as they were brushing their hair at bedtime, isnt Gus a fine talker?





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