or bed-wet·ting

[ bed-wet-ing ]

  1. urinating in bed, especially habitually and involuntarily; enuresis.

  2. Informal: Often Disparaging. exhibition of emotional overreaction, as anxiety or alarm, to events, especially major decisions or outcomes: No doubt the executive order will be received by environmentalists with the usual bedwetting.

  1. Informal: Sometimes Disparaging. prone to or exhibiting excessive anxiety or alarm over events, especially major decisions or outcomes; fearful; fretful: This station has given bedwetting conspiracy theorists ample airtime.

Origin of bedwetting

First recorded in 1885–90; bed + wet + -ing1 for the verb senses; bed + wet + -ing2 for the adjective sense

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How to use bedwetting in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for bed-wetting


  1. the act or habit of involuntarily urinating in bed: Technical name: enuresis

Derived forms of bed-wetting

  • bed-wetter, noun

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