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[ bel-tid ]


  1. having or made with a belt:

    a belted dress.

  2. wearing or girded with a belt, especially as a mark of distinction:

    the belted lords and emissaries.

  3. marked with a band of color different from that of the rest of the body:

    a belted cow.

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Other Words From

  • semi·belted adjective
  • un·belted adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of belted1

First recorded in 1475–85; belt + -ed 3
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Example Sentences

De la Renta did design some stuff for Kennedy too—notably, one perfect belted sheath in crisp white linen.

The “high-leg, low-neckline belted bodysuit and matching wrap” was designed by the Italian fashion house for the special occasion.

I parked the stroller at the base of the metal slide and wrestled Julia in her bulky snowsuit out of the belted contraption.

Cast members joined her as the “International Nasty Girls,” and belted a white-girl rap called “Dongs All Over the World.”

The designer focused on classic sportswear cuts with fitted blazers, belted coats, and pencil skirts.

One of these sentinels was the farmer Andrew Black, with a cavalry sword belted to his waist, and a rusty musket on his shoulder.

I use his own language, which I thought delightfully easy for a belted earl.

In his white shirt, with dark trousers belted tightly over slender hips, he looked almost boyish.

Pierre, very hot in the face, pocketed his winnings and belted on the gun.

His clothing was dark, and the belted coat fitted him trimly.


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