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benzalkonium chloride

[ben-zal-koh-nee-uh m]
noun Chemistry.
  1. a white or yellowish-white, water-soluble mixture of ammonium chloride derivatives having the structure C8H10NRCl, where R is a mixture of radicals ranging from C8H17– to C18H37–, that occurs as an amorphous powder or in gelatinous lumps: used chiefly as an antiseptic and a disinfectant.
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Origin of benzalkonium chloride

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benzalkonium chloride in Medicine

benzalkonium chloride

  1. A powder prepared in an aqueous solution and used as a fungicide, bactericide, and spermicide.
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benzalkonium chloride in Science

benzalkonium chloride

  1. A yellow-white powder prepared in an aqueous solution and used as a detergent, fungicide, bactericide, and spermicide. Benzalkonium chloride is a mixture of the chlorides of various organic compounds having a benzene ring attached to an ammoniated alkane.
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