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[ bih-reft ]


  1. a simple past tense and past participle of bereave.


  1. deprived:

    They are bereft of their senses. He is bereft of all happiness.


/ bɪˈrɛft /


  1. usually foll by of deprived; parted (from)

    bereft of hope

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Word History and Origins

Origin of bereft1

First recorded in 1525–35; be- + reft

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Example Sentences

Where we may once have pined for our cubicles or our commutes, we would now feel bereft without our porch swing and our sectional couch.

She said she understands the need for more housing and economic growth but worries new construction will be both unaffordable and bereft of green space.

This is a party that is immune to facts and bereft of decency.

With a high temperature of 40 — four degrees below normal — and tree branches bereft of leaves, Saturday was obviously wintry.

Anyone seeking mutual understanding—let alone dignity—left bereft.

From Fortune

Bereft of a competitive 2016 primary, Democrats are backing candidates for Clinton campaign manager.

They happened to men, to women, to young and old, to scientists and sailors, to the bereft and to the content.

She was a teenage single mother in a place bereft of options and Isaias spoke to her about a land of promise.

Kirsty, understandably, was not impressed at being dumped on her dream day, and her bereft wail filled the church.

When Sylvia breaks off their affair and begs Don to truly go home to Megan, he is visibly bereft.

She stood there as if Garnache's words had turned her into marble, bereft of speech through very rage.

But he now spoke to one bereft of sense—of any feeling save that of choking, withering, blighting agony.

Oh, heart-broken at the sight of one son dead and the other dying, I was bereft of reasoning!

If he fell, the monument would find itself bereft of all its elegance, split as by some long and irreparable crack.

When it could be kept from him no longer the truth was broken to him gently, but it almost bereft him of reason.





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